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light iron recycling Light iron is a metal recycled at Salisbury Auto Salvage. Examples include sheet-metal and bicycle frames. Household appliances (“white” goods) and hot water heaters also include light iron for recycling.

Light Iron is the most common ferrous metal scrapped in bulk at junk yards. Most durable products will have some metal on them and we are most liberal with light iron when it comes to other things attached. Stuff like insulation, plastic, other non-ferrous metals, foam, etc. are allowed to be part of light iron. These contaminants may affect the value of the metal but at least you are recycling the light iron part. When these metals are shredded at a plant, the non-metals are separated and send to the appropriate recycling or disposal facility. Cars can often be considered a light iron grade if many of the parts of the car have been removed and only the sheet metal and non-metallic parts are left to recycle.

Our staff is always transparent about the value of your scrap metals and will do their best to help you separate the more valuable scrap metal from the less valuable stuff. Our hundreds of 5-star Google reviews speak to the quality of the experience our customers have doing business with us.

We pay cash for scrap Light Iron and more!

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