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aluminum recycling

Aluminum Scrap Metal Dealers / Aluminum Scrap Metal Buyers

Aluminum scrap metal recycling is one of several types of recycling we perform for you at Salisbury Auto Salvage. A lighter weight metal, aluminum is the third most abundant element, and the most abundant metal, in the Earth’s crust.

“Aluminum is the second-most used metal after steel, largely because it is so versatile. In the United States, the aluminum industry manufactures about $40 billion in products each year [source: The Aluminum Association]

Significant aluminum content is found in many residential and commercial products that have become waste over time, and need to be recycled. Salisbury Salvage is here for your metal recycling needs.

We pay cash for scrap Aluminum!

  • Alloy Wheels and Truck Alloy Wheels
  • Radiators, Alum/Copper Rads, heating fins
  • Extruded, Cast and New
  • Irony and Old Aluminum
  • Heavy Wire Stripped and Heavy Wire Insulated
  • Turnings