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Copper in known as the “red metal” and used in a wide variety of products and construction. When scrapping copper, copper wire does not need to be stripped of its coating. Depending on the ratio of insulation to copper strand, the prices for scrap copper will vary widely. Common grades such as THHN, Romex and Shop Wire pay different amounts.

Copper piping and copper flashing also yield different values. Clean copper pipe is known as #1 Copper and is a higher grade than #2 Copper, which may have paint, solder or other contaminants on it. Sheet copper is yet another grade lower, as is copper gutters. The highest grade of scrap copper is Bare Bright grade. It is commonly heavy gage stripped copper wire.

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Our trained, friendly and experienced staff are happy to help explain the grades of copper for our customers in an aim to yield the customer the best value and to win a new customer. Just check out our Google reviews and you will see hundreds of satisfied customers who call Salisbury Auto Salvage the best metal and car scrap yard around.

We pay cash for scrap Copper!

  • Bare Bright and stripped heavy wire
  • Clean and Unclean pipe (#1 and #2)
  • Light Copper (flashing)
  • Romex, THHN and heavy unstripped wire
  • Light or Shop wire
  • Lead Coated Copper Wire
  • Radiators clean and unclean