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lead recycling

Lead Scrap Dealers / Lead Scrap Buyers

Lead is a soft metal and a great conductor of energy. Mining new lead is cumbersome and finite so it is imperative that lead be recycled whenever possible. Allowing lead to enter landfills or be left outside in the elements adds toxins to our underground water supplies and can cause harm to the environment and humans. At Salisbury Auto Salvage we take great care in following best practices for handling lead by only storing it in a covered location and on a non-impervious surface.

Recycling lead is easier than most other metals because it is soft and pliable and not often used in a finished product that needs to be painted or polished. Dense and heavy, scrap lead can yield a good return. Lead acid batteries are the most common source of recycled lead by weight at Salisbury Auto Salvage and we pay cash for car batteries, forklift batteries and all other lead items. Lithium batteries do not contain lead.

The most common items we recycle lead from are:

  • Car and truck batteries
  • Boat keels and other parts
  • Wheel weights (used for balancing tires on cars)
  • Soft sheet lead
  • Lead fishing weights
  • Lead weights for diving belts