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brass recycling Brass metal scrap comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Did you know that your old car keys are made of brass? They never rust and don’t stick to a magnet. Brass is also a common metal used for joining pipes together, for musical instruments, brass shells for ammunition, sail boat keels, and so much more. Prices for scrap brass vary depending on the amount of non-brass attached to the metal, the thickness and the density.

Our experienced and friendly staff will likely be able to answer most brass questions over the phone and are happy to explain the grades when you present your metal. Old decorative items around the house can often be made of brass. If it is shiny, yellow, and won’t stick to a magnet, bring it in, it is likely worth more than you think. Recycling brass is a good way to ensure the metal is reused and not just buried in the landfill.

We pay cash for scrap Brass!

  • Mixed Brass Solids
  • Irony Brass
  • Brass Shells
  • EDM wire